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The Benefits of Infographics


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In an age where we are inundated with advertising, statistics, and social media, it’s more important than ever to deliver your message clearly and concisely.

Using infographics as part of the marketing strategy can be extremely beneficial in capturing and retaining people’s attention while breaking through the clutter.

Benefits of infographics include:

• Demonstrate expertise in your field
• Stand out among less visually interesting formats
• Take advantage of the fact that 90% of information enters your brain visually
• Help visualize statistics for easy understanding
• Often go viral—or at the very least—are readily shared
• Get increased mileage when you provide the code to embed them
• Encourage links back to your site to generate higher traffic
• Help heighten brand awareness

Johnson Group produced these infographics for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Infographic Design Minnesota

Expect Great Things


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Willmar Lakes Area hired Johnson Group to develop a new brand image and comprehensive marketing strategy to help change the perception of the area to its residents, visitors, and economic development audiences. Johnson Group created a brand strategy that would be positive in all aspects of the messaging while creating flexible uses for all partnership organizations that make up the Willmar Lakes Area.

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