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Campaign Creation for St. Cloud Toyota & Scion


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St. Cloud Toyota came to the Johnson Group needing a reboot to their dealership identity, with an emphasis in digital marketing. They wanted something that reflected their unique characteristics and could get their “motor running” … they needed a much stronger online presence.

With consumers turning to online, for, well just about everything they want, we understood what needed to be done to raise the profile of the dealership, their products and services.

#Goodstuff was born.

Consumers have higher expectations then ever before and crave immediate information. We know from national research that car buyers shop up to nine months, and invest up to 15 hours researching, comparing and learning about automobiles online. When potential customers browse the web, they desire visuals they can relate to, because buying a car is an emotional purchase.

Johnson Group developed a cross-platform campaign that helped St. Cloud Toyota reach their targeted customer through lifestyle ads, offer ads, sales and service ads. Our #GoodStuff campaign generated thousands more website hits as well as increased sales of specific brands. Together, we increased top-of-mind awareness many social-media contests, inspired more organic interactions, comments and posts.

Now that’s the #GOODSTUFF.